2023 Winners

Let’s Fish Lake Mac Prize Draw

Lowrance HDS Pro 12 Sounder/GPS unit RRP $5249. Luke Atkins

Lowrance Elite FS9 Sounder/GPS unit. RRP $2050 Lewis Tolley

Lowrance Elite FS7 Sounder/GPS unit. RRP $1699 Darren Minns

$1000 Berkley/ABU Garcia Fishing Pack Harrison Harpur

$1000 Berkley/ABU Garcia Fishing Pack Kane Colburt

$500 Berkley/ABU Garcia Fishing Pack Dean Sullivan

$500 Berkley/ABU Garcia Fishing Pack Scott Becroft

$356 Mako Eyewear Pack Merv Riley

$356 Mako Eyewear Pack Tim Elks

$356 Mako Eyewear Pack Blake Bennett

$356 Mako Eyewear Pack Declan Young

$100 BCF Gift Card Deagan Brodie

$100 BCF Gift Card Hayden-Jacob Barnes

Special thanks to our event sponsors Lake Macquarie Council, Lowrance, Berkley, ABU Garcia, Mako and BCF.


Mystery Length Sr - 37.8cm37.60cmScott Becroft
Mystery Length Sr - 35.5cm35.70cmIvan Peters
Sr 1st44.60cmRory Conley
Sr 2nd44.50cmLuke Hunter
Sr 3rd44.30cmPreston Alley
Sr 4th44.00cmBen Walsh
Mystery Length Jr - 36.5cm36.60cmMiles Cook
Mystery Length Jr - 33.2cm33.20cmBrodie Capes
Jr 1st42.60cmJacob Ashley-Brown
Jr 2nd41.90cmAyla Sams
Jr 3rd39.50cmSamuel Buxton
Jr 4th38.10cmWill Jones

* Decided on count back.


Mystery Length Sr - 61.4cm60.90cmLogan Jeffries
Mystery Length Sr - 54.6cm *54.70cmAnthony Cannon
Sr 1st89.90cmOwen Blanch
Sr 2nd85.80cmWayne Flanagan
Sr 3rd82.50cmTy Adamthwaite
Sr 4th80.90cmDane Lambert
Mystery Length Jr - 53.0cm53.90cmIndee Barter
Mystery Length Jr - 48.5cm48.60cmKoby Lockett
Jr 1st81.80cmHarper Tran
Jr 2nd76.80cmBlake Marriott
Jr 3rd73.20cmHayden Clifford
Jr 4th59.30cmWilliam Dern

* Decided on count back.


Mystery Length Sr - 45.0cm45.10cmBen Selmes
Mystery Length Sr - 39.0cm38.95cmChris Freeburn
Sr 1st55.50cmRob Podestro
Sr 2nd48.00cmJai Bruce
Sr 3rd44.80cmJake Vella
Sr 4th43.30cmBen Vaughan
Mystery Length Jr - 34.2cm31.90cmCallum Duvollet
Mystery Length Jr - 32.0cm31.50cmTheo Kadir
Jr 1st43.40cmDuncan Tolley
Jr 2nd36.80cmAsterley Harris
Jr 3rdNot won
Jr 4thNot won

* Decided on count back.


Mystery Length Sr - 38.1cm37.90cmAngus Mcleod
Mystery Length Sr - 35.2cm35.10cmCorey Forrest
Sr 1st44.90cmDanny Evans
Sr 2nd43.10cmNathan Pinfold
Sr 3rd42.80cmLuke Bennett
Sr 4th42.60cmCol Hoskins
Mystery Length Jr - 37.0cm37.30cmJames Stewart
Mystery Length Jr - 34.6cm *34.70cmLucas Liddall
Jr 1st43.20cmKaden Pinfold
Jr 2nd *43.20cmGizelle Weimer
Jr 3rd *43.00cmJoshua Heathcote
Jr 4th42.10cmAirlie Wright

* Decided on count back.

Honorable Mentions

In the ‘catch and release’ competition, anglers may win one prize only, which will be the prize of the highest value.

These anglers all caught winning fish in multiple categories:

Callum Duvollet – 44.6cm Bream and 62.6cm Flathead

Rory Conley – 84.4cm Flathead

Theo Kadir – 68.4cm Flathead

Wayne Flanagan – 46.2cm Tailor